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Smile Smart System and controls; specialists in Rehadapt mounts and neurodisability switching for mobility and communication 

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As the leading approved Rehadapt mounts supplier and fitter in the UK Smile Smart Technology hold an unrivalled selection of Rehadapt Mounts in stock along with Smile Smart Technology’s own in-house UK specific mount adaptions.

Universal Tablet Holder
Having experienced a wide range of issues with unsuitable tablet holders our engineers have designed what we believe is the most secure and adaptable holder on the market. More >>

Universal Tablet Mount
Our lightweight holders can be manipulated to securely fit any tablet from 8” to 10” in both horizontal and vertical orientation. Each mount uses aluminium rods, which are powder coated in a stylish black finish, offering the perfect partnership between strength, weight and looks. More >>

Rehadapt Floorstand Sitback
This lightweight, rolling mount from Rehadapt modifies to fit any seat, adjustable in both height and width to ensure the most secure fitting. More >>

iPad Mount
This secure and rigid mount can be affixed to any tube or flat surface, offering ease and flexibility to the user. It can be moved easily and mounted with the square bracket, as well as the round tube bracket. More >>

Rehadapt Laptop Mount
This Rehadapt mount has been built to the highest specification to guarantee any laptop is safe and secure. It is commonly used in conjunction with the REHAdapt floorstand, to allow simultaneous use of two devices at once. More >>

Double Switch Wheelchair Mount
The Double Switch Mount offers a simple yet sturdy and versatile way to mount control devices, such as buttons or joysticks, on both sides of the headrests of wheelchairs. More >>

REHAdapt Table Stand DC
This essential tool from Rehadapt allows for communication devices to be mounted on top of tables or desks. The mounting plate has ratchet-style handles that allow its position to be easily adjusted without the use of tools. More >>

Single Switch Wheelchair Mount
The Single Switch Mount offers another alternative to mounting control devices on the headrest of wheelchairs. This simple, sturdy and versatile way to mount buttons or joysticks comes with the switch adapter of choice included, as well as round frame clamp 10mm to 16mm in diameter. More >>

Rehadapt Wheelchair Mount Eye Gaze
These highly effective Rehadapt mounts enable the use of eye-controlled communication devices and notebooks by wheelchair users. The versatile mounts from REHAdapt can be added to the standard round tubular frames of all wheelchair makes and models. More >>

Rehadapt Table Clamp
This sturdy Rehadapt clamp can be used to mount communication devices securely to any flat surface, using the Manfrotto Super Clamp. It can be adjusted three-dimensionally, making it possible to position the monitor wherever it is needed. More >>

Rehadapt Table Stand XL
This extra-large Rehadapt table stand allows for secure and easy positioning of eye-controlled devices on tables and desks. With an integrated anti-tip function and automatic alignment of its feet, it allows for solid positioning even on bumpy surfaces. More >>

Rehadapt Floorstand
This telescopic column from Rehadapt can extend to 6.5 feet and supports weights of up to 10kg. The gas-spring loaded stand has lockable, rubber-coated castors and also comes in a lightweight Floor Stand Quickpack for consultants. More >>

Assessment Single Switch Wheelchair Mount
This is an essential tool for anyone carrying out assessments. It is the ideal mount to help create a detailed plan of what an individual will require to mount their switches. More >>