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mo-Vis Micro Joystick

Due to the high sensitivity the mo-Vis Micro Joystick is especially designed for people with poor or weak muscular power or neuro-muscular diseases. This mo-Vis joystick can be controlled by finger, lip, tongue...The Micro Joystick has a small and ergonomic design for easy use and is supplied with two ends: a small ball (h 16 mm/0.63 in – Ø 18 mm/0.71 in) and a cup (h 15 mm/0.59 in – Ø 11 mm/ 0.43 in) to provide the best ergonomic solutions to people with very small and limited movements.

The mo-Vis Micro Joystick is delivered with a half Quick-to-mount Clamp and a Quick-to-mount Rod of 6 mm/0.23 in diameter to mount easily on the wheelchair. Other Quick-to-mount Rods and Clamps can be added to put the mo-Vis Micro Joystick in the best position for the user. For people with very limited moving ability, the position of the joystick is of a major importance in order to facilitate movements with very few effort.

The joystick is built in a very compact and discreet housing with a separate interface. This interface with sophisticated electronics makes the joystick adaptable to individual capabilities and needs. You can plug in two switches (on/off and mode) directly into the jack inputs of the interface box.

Parameters can be changed by using the mo-Vis Configurator Software: a free downloadable software. The connection to the pc – to configure the joystick or for diagnostic purposes – is made by a USB cable directly from the interface to the computer (mini USB port).The mo-Vis Micro Joystick is Omni compatible with its SUB D9 pin connector. For other versions, a separate interface cable is necessary.

Thanks to its smaller shape (h 50 mm/1.97 in – Ø 29 mm/1.41 in) and very reduced force, the mo-Vis Micro Joystick is an ergonomic solution for many wheelchair users. For people who cannot use several other joysticks, for which more muscle force is required, the mo-Vis Micro Joystick is a perfect alternative.

Ergonomics, flexibility, functionality, discretion and elegance are important characteristics of all mo-Vis products.

• Very small proportional joystick which can be controlled with minimal force (+- 10 gr)
• Joystick can be controlled by finger, lip, tongue, ...
• Ergonomic design for easy use
• Supplied with two ends: a small ball and a tub
• Due to the high sensitivity mainly to be used by people with neuromuscular diseases
• Separate interface with sophisticated electronics: joystick adaptable to individual capabilities and needs
• Free downloadable software to configure joystick via PC (equipped with a mini USB port)
• Delivered with Quick-to-mount (Q2M) Rods and Clamps
• Omni en Easy Rider compatible (R-net version available in the future)

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