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mo-Vis Multi Swing Mounting Arm

The mo-Vis Multi Swing Mounting Arm is a swing away motorised mounting arm, which is mounted on an electronic wheel chair. The mo-Vis Multi Swing is designed for the use of a chin control system, but can also be mounted and used for the attachment of small and lightweight communication tools to the electronic wheelchair (max. weight about 500 gr on max. distance of 65 cm). This electric swing away arm can be activated via a switch and can move either upward or sideways with adjustable speed and according to an adjustable angle.

Multi Swing (P001-60)
Multi Swing Bundle, incl Q2M mounting set (P001-62)
Optional LEFT arm for Multi Swing - arm only (M001-10)

The mo-Vis Multi Swing works with any button with mini jack connection (stereo or mono, 3.5 mm). The jack connections of the input and output are configurable on computer so that one input button can be used for up to 3 different functions. By default the Multi Swing is activated when pressing the button. The maximum load for movement is 500 gr at 650 mm distance from pivoting point.

Unique: The mo-Vis Multi Swing can swing away in two different directions (depending on the direction to which it is mounted: horizontally or vertically):sideways or upwards, to fit best to individual needs.

With the extra free downloadable mo-Vis Configurator Software, the device movements, speeds and activation methods can be altered for every situation. The connection is made by USB cable directly from the mo-Vis Multi Swing to the computer.

With the mo-Vis Multi Swing Mounting Set, we offer a flexible and easy mounting solution for different types of wheelchairs. By attaching the Quick-to-mount Universal Clamp to a tube on the back of the wheelchair, you create a strong basis to start from. You can then easily optimise the position of the Multi Swing by connecting different Quick-to-mount Dogbones (flat metal bars with screws).

When ordering the mo-Vis Multi Swing Bundle (P001-62) this Mounting Set is included. Or you can order the Multi Swing (P001-60) without any mounting pieces.

The mo-Vis Multi Swing is designed for mounting at the right hand side of the wheelchair. If a left hand side Multi Swing is needed, a left arm should be ordered separately as an extra option (M001-10).

Different types of joysticks or devices can quickly be mounted on the arm of the mo-Vis Multi Swing by using clamps and rods of the Quick-to-mount system.

A versatile motorised mounting arm for use as chin control already exists for many years now, but so far people encountered a lot of disadvantages and errors. Thanks to years of experience in the field, mo-Vis has put all improvements together and is now proud and happy to present the Multi Swing as a very new, high technological and innovative solution for versatile mounting arms.

• This mounting arm can swing away in several directions (multi-directional): up, down, left and right, depending on the installation method and parameter settings.
• The Multi-Swing is also offered in a bundle with mounting kit for easy mounting of the arm to the back of the powered wheelchair via the Q2M Universal Clamp.
• With the various Q2M Dogbones components, the Multi Swing can be positioned for each user.
• Via the mo-Vis Configurator software (free downloadable), you can adjust the movement, speed and activation methods of the Multi Swing. The connection to the PC goes via the mini-USB port.
• Different types of joystick or devices can be easily mounted on the mounting arm through the Quick-to-mount system. Two separate rods in C or S shape are supplied as standard for mounting a joystick.

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