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mo-Vis Twister

The mo-Vis Twister is an elegant but sturdy small round switch with light sensitivity (30 gr) and a diameter of 17 mm. It’s available in 5 colours and in different models: basic or on-tube and with short (300 mm) or long (150 mm) cable.

Twister on bended tube (long cable)   
P005-5X (X=0 for black; X=1 for red; X=2 for yellow; X=3 for blue; X=4 for green)

Twister on bended tube (short cable)   
P005-6X (X=0 for black; X=1 for red; X=2 for yellow; X=3 for blue; X=4 for green)

Twister basic (long cable)          
P005-7X (X=0 for black; X=1 for red; X=2 for yellow; X=3 for blue; X=4 for green)

Satellite Twister (short cable)
P005-9x ( X= 0 for black; X=1 for red, X=2 for yellow, X= 3 for blue, X= 4 for green)

The mo-Vis Twister switch is a single mechanical normal open switch. Simply plug in the mo-Vis Twister into the 3.5 mm female jack on a switch-adapted device, joystick or computer (for computers you need a switch interface). This means it will activate when pressing down. To activate your mo-Vis Twister, simply press anywhere
on the top of the activation surface. You will feel and hear a clear and audible “click”.

The mo-Vis Twister is available in different types:

1. mo-Vis Twister on bended tube

This mo-Vis Twister is attached to a mo-Vis Quick-to-mount bended tube of 100 mm (3.94 in) and 6 mm (0.24 in) diameter. A Quick-to-mount Clamp is included to enable attaching your Twister to any other 6 mm (0.24 in) diameter. Quick-to-mount Rod. By connecting different Q2M Rods and Q2M Clamps, you can easily mount your Twister in the best position. You choose the distances and angles by tightening or loosening the Q2M Clamps via the Allen screws. Or you can use the Quick-to-mount Twist & Swing: this is a product package consisting of a Twister and Q2M Quick Swing mounting system. It makes it easy to mount and swing away the Twister on a specific position on the wheelchair.

The Twister on bended tube exists in short cable version of 300 mm (11.81 in) and long cable version of 1500 mm (59.05 in).

2. mo-Vis Twister Basic

This mo-Vis Twister is mounted on a plate of metal/plastic with 2 screws and is designed to mount in a wheelchair tray. It has a long cable of 1500 mm (59.05 in) and is delivered with 2 screws.

As an extra option you can add the mo-Vis Twister Basic plate and cone which enables to use the Twister as a discrete stand alone switch on different surfaces.

• Required activation force: 30 gr
• Activation surface of 17 mm and 0.5 mm distance to activation
• Tactile and auditory (click) feedback
• 2 types available: seperate switch with two mounting screws for attaching in a table top or switch on a bended rod of 10 cm
• Easy to mount in different positions by using the Quick-to-mount (Q2M) system
• Available in two different cable lengths: 300 mm or 1500 mm
• 3.5 mm mono jack plug
• Available in five colors: yellow, green, red, blue and black

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