Curtis is a young boy with simply the most incredible parents you could wish for. We all dream of making the world a better place for our children, but Curtis found himself two dedicated and loving fathers that have a talent for really making the magic happen. From creating a family, a home, a garden, a farm and now a respite holiday caravan, Garry and Kyle are surrounded by a whole host of good people who they draw towards them with their irrepressible positivity and compassion.

Curtis (aka Curly) was assessed on a Drivedeck with Roger Dakin from SMILE and from there went on to fundraise for a SSS Powerchair of his own. The aim was for this to enable Curtis to drive safely around his home and garden using just gentle head movements, and that this input practice will also help develop Curtis’ digital access skills that will be so helpful in later life. This video shows a small part of the journey that Curtis, his fathers and the quite remarkable community of friends and donors have been on, to make some very beautiful dreams come true. We feel privileged to be a small part of the big Ratcliffe family story.