Manoeuvrable and versatile

Photograph of a FS-Pentalock-Tele floor mount

Matt Tennent is one our Directors and a resident Rehadapt mounting guru at Smile. He will share regular top tips on his favourite mounting products, pass on his mounting hacks and keep you up to date with what is new or newsworthy.

This month Matt wants to share his mounting enthusiasm (excuse the cringy pun) over his favourite floor mount, the FS-Pentalock -Tele, or for all those code geeks out there, the 17.1100. This telescopic floor mount gets five stars in Matt’s rating and that’s one for each of the casters attached to the five arms on its well designed small-footprint base.

The solid quality of its base provide a highly manoeuvrable stand, that make it adaptable to numerous household settings and for a variety of devices. Its versatility and quality make it an attractive proposition at £774.00.

Additionally, combining these factors with Rehadapt‘s classic floorstand arm, that boasts a gas-spring loaded column, double-clamp UDS and quick shift level joints, this excellent bit of kit is a solid winner for anyone looking to position communication aids, computers and tablets over beds, sofas or wheelchairs.

If this sounds just the thing you were looking for you can find it here in the Smile shop, or if you would like more information contact the Smile team and they can chat it through with you.

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