A perfect solution for portable AAC mounting.

12.1652 TS-GO

Matt Tennent is our Rehadapt mounting guru at Smile. Each month he shares a top tip on his favourite mounting products, mentions mounting hacks and keeps you up to date with what is new or newsworthy.

This month we are thinking about the possibility of getting out and about again as lockdown restrictions are easing. When those of us who have been shielding for the past few months are finally ready to venture outside, this month’s mounting gem is the perfect mount to grab as we dash out the front door.

Firstly, due to the TS-GO tablestand being brilliantly light and coming available with a handy pack away bag, it makes the ideal portable mounting solution for using communication devices between locations, whatever transportation method you’re using. Easily carried and set up on arrival, this tablestand is foldable and ensures the secure positioning of your device onto flat surfaces. So whichever AAC device is being used, you can quickly take it out, position, and start chatting with family and friends.

Another great feature of the TS-GO is the versatility and flexibility it offers. The adjustable 3 pod base lets you mount devices even in restricted spaces, so it doesn’t matter if the available tabletop is set up for lunch with friends or covered in your auntie’s lockdown inspired magazines on keeping chickens, you can find a spot and get communicating. Due to the clever design, it can be adjusted in seconds to the optimal position and then folded together quickly again if the merits of Silkies over Buff Orpingtons becomes a conversation too far and you hope for a quick getaway.

One secret to this adaptability is the inclusion of a Universal Device Socket with a double clamp mechanism, guaranteeing an easy assembly and tidy away, as well giving you the availability of safe adjustments for the AAC device itself when setting up.

Its stats are pretty impressive too. Capable of holding devices with a total weight of 7,5kg positioned over one leg, the TS-GO also allows device positioning of up to 54cm in height measured from the ground. At a cost of £426.00 the12.1652 TS-GO tablestand is an excellent solution for a versatile life on the go.

So, if you’re looking for a very light, flexible and stable tabletop mounting solution for an AAC device, look no further. You can find the Rehadapt TS-GO here in the Smile online shop: https://bit.ly/shopAT

Matt and all the Smile team wish you well for your first safe forays out into the world and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

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