What is what3words?

what3words is a really simple way to talk about location. Every 3m square in the world has a unique 3 word combination that will never change. For example ///filled.count.soap marks the exact entrance to what3words’ London headquarters. 3 word addresses are easy to say and share, and are as accurate as GPS coordinates. Because of this level of precision and simplicity, what3words is a great solution to pinpoint accessible entrances.

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Drivedeck & SSS Powerchairs

How do we order a device?
An assessment session will be arranged and after this you or your representatives can complete and submit the commissioning form.
How often should our device be serviced?
At least once a year as part of good maintenance practice.
Who is responsible for arranging a service?
You are responsible for making arrangements for your device to be serviced. A reminder will be sent out in advance to help you plan ahead.
What is the cost of a service?
If you have a maintenance programme then your service cost is already included, otherwise we will provide you with a quotation that reflects the status of your device and your location.
Can a training session be arranged?
Training can be arranged by completing the online training request form or contacting the Smile team directly by telephone or email.
Who should be trained and how often?
Any member of a support team operating a Smile Smart System Powerchair or Drivedeck must have received training directly from Smile staff. We recommend a minimum of one training session per year and two is recommended. (Training certificates are valid for two years). If you have a support programme in place then you will be entitled to two training sessions per year and as many additional sessions that you may like.
Where can we carry out a training session?
Training can be carried out in homes, schools and specialist centres where attendees are able to focus on the training without distraction or interruption. You can alternatively visit us at our base in Berkshire.
We need something to be fixed who do we contact?
If you have any problem please either complete and submit a repair request form found on the Smile website or contact the Smile team by telephone or email.
How much will a repair cost?
We will ask you to send us photographs or the issue where possible and once we have an idea of the problem we will provide you with a repair estimate, unless costs are already covered by a maintenance programme.
When and how do I pay for repairs?
You can pay by BACS transfer, credit/debit card or invoice. Payments is due for after completion of the repair. A call out fee is charged dependent upon location and in advance, to cover travel and any accommodation costs if not covered by a maintenance programme. We always endeavour to keep costs as low as possible.

Rehadapt Mounting, Switches, Controls & Accessories

How do I arrange a quote for a mount, switch, control or accessory?
For a quotation simply contact the Smile team by email or telephone and they will arrange a quote. If you know exactly what you are interested in, we can quote by return or we can guide you through your options and then provide your quotation.
Can I order through the SMILE website?
Yes, you can purchase a mount on the Smile online shop. If however you would like advice or an item that is not displayed in the shop please contact the team directly and they will help you find what you are looking for.
Can I arrange VAT exemption on my purchase?

Yes, there is a VAT exemption form available at the Checkout stage of your puchase and can be downloaded here. If you have any questions please contact us and we will explain how this process works.

How can I get advice on mounting?
For advice on the full selection of mounting options available and how they can fit your personal requirements please contact the Smile team directly.
How do I arrange a mount fitting and how much will it cost?
Complete the online mount fitting request form and the Smile team will then be able to provide you with a quotation.
Can I return items?
If we are unable to resolve the issue you are having you can return items if there is no damage to the items.
What are Sofytops and why should we use them?
Softytops are a device accessory that fits over the top of most size of specialist communication switches to make the experience more comfortable and hygienic.


How do we arrange an assessment?
Arranging an assessment can be done by telephone and email but the most efficient way is to complete the online ‘Assessment Request Form’ with all the helpful information needed, then we arrange for one of the team to contact you to discuss any details.
How much does an assessment cost?
Once an assessment is requested we provide you with a quotation for the assessment appointment.
Who should attend the assessment?
We like as many of an assessee’s support team attend as possible, particularly parents, however we do request that boisterous younger siblings avoid attending.
Where should the assessment be held?
Drivedeck assessments should take place in a quiet, open area of a school or specialist centre where the assessee will be calm and not disturbed, like a sports hall or therapy room. SSS Powerchair assessments can also take place at home.
How long does an assessment take?
There is no limit on the length of an assessment, but we ask that you allow at least 90 minutes for use of the space and around 30 minutes for the core assessment time.
What do we do if we need to cancel the assessment?
Notice must be given a minimum of 48 hours in advance of an assessment otherwise a cancellation fee may apply.

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