Two gentlemen and a lady standing by a lake holding fundraising flyers
Benarty Heritage Group and Fife NHS Health and Social Care Partnership Fundraising for a Drivedeck at Lochore Meadows Country Park

Fundraising for your new tech can be a challenge but with strong determination, quite a bit of form filling and dose of good luck you will find a way to reach your targets.

  • Get started early, as the decision process and paperwork can take many months. Never give up and keep searching, there are so many incredible donors out there looking to help people like you and the organisations you represent.
  • Being creative and thinking outside the box can help you raise funds and your profile on social media, making people aware of your campaign. From sponsored head shaving and village raffles to marathon running there are a multitude of ways to build up the funds.
  • Be prepared to ask many donors for small amounts, don’t imagine that one fund will provide you with the full amount you are looking for. It does happen occasionally but it is rare, so break down your total target figure into smaller chunks of a few hundred pounds each and they will eventually all add up.
  • Its good thank your donors and celebrate on social media. Probably seems an obvious thing to say, but when you are swept up in the moment of achieving your goal it can be easy to forget.

Here is a list of some organisations that may be able to help guide or fund you directly. We will keep adding to this list but here are a few to get you started. Good luck in your valuable endeavours!

Caudwell Children:


Children Today:

Disabled Living Foundation:

Dreams Come True:

Family Fund:

Hope for Children:

Joseph Patrick Trust:

Lifeline 4 Kids:


Motability: RiDC:

NewLife Foundation:

React Charity:

Strongbones Children’s Charitable Trust:

The Boparan Charitable Trust:

Variety, the Children’s Charity:


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