Drivedeck is a powerful motivational tool for the safe, fun teaching and assessment of people with disabilities.

Inspiring users by cultivating a sense of secure exploration, the Drivedeck encourages proactivity through the personal fulfillment of independent movement. Inclusive and flexible, the Drivedeck is accessible to all users regardless of existing seating provision.


The Drivedeck is designed as a professional assessment and teaching tool motivating users through movement – for use in schools and rehabilitation centres.


Using a Drivedeck is an easy and comprehensive way to assess an individual’s potential by offering them the chance to explore their environment in safety at their own pace.


The Drivedeck is a semi-autonomous driving solution for mobility assessment and access teaching with the safety of line following and anti-collision sensors.

Key features

  • Motion control
  • Line following
  • Voice confirmation
  • Anti-collision sensors
  • Speed control
  • Carer control


The Drivedeck comes with its own complete professional assessment kit and comprehensive training and support.


The Drivedeck is easy to load and avoids the need for lengthy transfers involving reseating. Users can remain in their own existing chair and seating or even sit on a beanbag.

Guidance system

The line following ability can be used as a safe pathway from which to develop switch access skills and joystick use over time, gently adapting settings as individual skills develop.

Integral ramps

Integral ramps enable any wheelchair to be easily loaded onto the Drivedeck and folded back during use. Includes adjustable deck top for accommodating most commonly used wheelchairs.


Drivedeck can incorporate joystick, head-controls and foot controls, with line-following, anti-collision and reverse disable. All controls can be switched or fully proportional.

What is the Drivedeck?

Drivedeck is a comprehensive system, providing multiple functions for schools, specialist centres and public facilities.

Mobility Skills Teaching:  Opportunity to learn vital motor skills, particularly for those currently excluded from of personal mobility, in schools and specialist centres.

Digital Skills Teaching:  Providing the opportunity to learn vital digital skills for those most excluded from accessing our increasingly digital world, in schools and specialist centres.

Assessment Tool:  Enabling clinical professionals, medico-legal representative, parents and teachers to accurately assess and prescribe powered mobility, input devices and mounting solutions, saving costs and time.

Universal Access Device:  Supporting the mental health and wellbeing of persons with disabilities and the elderly, and their families by providing independent access to public spaces like country parks and playgrounds.

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